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Becoming an UltraLuster distributor

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Becoming an UltraLuster distributor is easy. Go Towww.UltraLuster.com Click on the ‘Distributorships’ button

If you choose to become a wholesale distributor at the ‘Basic’ level, you will be sent a complete car care kit containing 1 full-size unit of every product we sell. You will be issued a special discount code that gives you lifetime 50% off the retail product prices shown in the web store. You never pay anything more to keep your Distributorship and you are never forced to buy anything.


We also have 2 different ‘Power Packs’ that are ‘Businesses in a Box’. Instead of the Car Care Kit, you get plenty of Product and Sales Tools you need to jump start either a Retail or Detailing business as well as all the Distributor discounts described above.


Distributors can earn easy commissions with online retail sales! Submit the retail discount code of your choosing. and, when it is used by one of your retail customers they will receive a 20% discount on product ordered. We fill and ship the order. You will get 30% of the sale which will be credited to your distributor account.

We are here to help. Your questions will be quickly replied to.




Thanks, Charlie at Team Ultra